The services we provide

Landscaping, installation and environmental maintenance services. In accordance with the agreed plan (the order is important in these works), the following works or part of them are performed sequentially:

- installation of paths, Parking

– installation of terraces

– installation of fences, gates

- installation of irrigation (lawn and flower beds)

– installation of lawn

– installation of flower beds, planting of trees or hedges

Exterior and interior work of the house – both planned and unplanned:

– periodic updating of wooden parts (terrace, wooden facade or fence)

– we help you choose engineering systems and maintain them (for example. water filters, sewer systems, and so on.)

- Other minor or major repairs, fixes, installations

We look creatively and broadly – we can help with your other ideas or problems. As we said at the beginning, we offer to be Your housekeeper.

We offer alternatives and solutions, plan and sub-budget. We do most of the work ourselves.

Popular services in spring

Spring lawn care

It is required that the lawn recovers faster, germinates and thrives after winter. We offer our clients lawn scarification, deep aeration, leveling and application of spring fertilizers. The service usually includes the following works:

1.Scarification of the lawn. This is a process in which rotating blades (1) use a scarifier to lift felt (moss, mown lawn, leaves, etc.) from the bottom of the lawn.) and at the same time scrapes the ground to a depth of 1 cm. Hence the name-scar-(from English - scar)-ification. In Lithuania, this service is often mistakenly referred to as aeration. Scarification is not identical to aeration, these are two different processes.

2.Lawn aeration. It differs from scarification in that the lawn is not scratched on the surface, but is deeply clogged. To do this, we use aeration shoes with spikes of 5 cm. The advantages of aeration are that the soil and the roots of the lawn receive more oxygen, the lawn absorbs water faster, absorbs nutrients, which leads to a better lawn.

3.Leveling the lawn. This service is almost always required for lawns whose sections were formed/dug/shifted during construction, as the ground moves/bends. As a result, the lawn immediately looked smooth, and after a year or two, both tangible and visible irregularities appear when walking. For a beautiful view, the lawn is leveled.

4.Fertilizing the lawn with spring fertilizer.

Since the needs of customers vary, the area and condition of the lawn-the price is agreed depending on the object.

Long-lasting raised beds (with installation)

The idea was born in order to have strong beds, but metal did not penetrate the style. This is how we discovered the Japanese Sugi ban wood burning technology, which gives aesthetics and durability.

We produce both standard sizes (200 x 70 x 30 cm) and individual orders ourselves.

How can a tree be long-lived? It is true that the garden will not stand for a hundred years. But we are doing our best to make it as durable as possible:

1.A thick egl board with a thickness of 4.5 cm is used.

2.The boards are processed using Sugi Ban technology from Japan. First, the tree is burned, this process removes organic matter and covers the tree with a preservative layer of carbon. The garden burns intensely from the inside, a little less from the outside. The bed is additionally oiled (with/ without pigment), which gives the wood additional durability and beauty.

3.When filling the bed with the contents, we additionally put a membrane insulation, which avoids direct contact of the bed with the soil, thereby further extending the service life of the bed.

A bed can also be purchased with its construction and filling with earth-i.e. "Bed to seedling"

PS. If you want, take a look at how the beds look live!

Complete landscaping and installation of the environment after construction

This is our favorite activity! Let's start with a detailed plan: the functions and aesthetics of the spaces, not forgetting also to consider their comfortable care.

We will continue with the consistent realization of the vision and end with a party in your backyard! We always work so that we are invited to ribbon cutting parties in the yard.

Here, the first step is to visit your site and find out your needs. If you do not have a project, develop a vision (project) of well-being. Then we coordinate the budget and consistently implement your vision.

We do most of the work ourselves (lawn, watering, terrace, fence), we transfer some of it to trusted suppliers (paving stones, gate automation). The bottom line is that we are 100% responsible for the timing, quality and satisfaction with the


.. And we will be happy to help you implement your other ideas.

NAGI's housekeepers activities came from his own household. Usually, it wasn't finances that prevented us from finishing the work we started. The implementation of ideas was hindered by:

-lack of knowledge to come up with a vision

-lack of time to compete with suppliers or materials-lack of patience e to control craftsmen, suppliers, them with each other

Leave this job to us. We are just referring to our slogan, whose draft version is "no bullshit".