Leave us the care of the house and yard

It is quite possible that we already know each other – I am Benedict, my wife and I share our experiences on the blog @nagi_ukvedys on Instagram.

After finishing the construction of our own house and putting the environment in order, we realized that the work on the farm does not end there. It's something left unfinished, it's us coming up with something new, it's time for periodic updates, it's something that breaks.

In our experience and the experience of our friends, arranging everything in full, taking proper care of it, and implementing ideas born rarely hold back finances. Most often, you are held back by understanding how much personal time it will take. It doesn't matter if you do everything with your own hands or look for masters, then you will still compete, control and control them...

As a result, the idea of a NAGI steward was born. How convenient it would be to transfer the care of the house and yard into reliable hands. Therefore, I invite you to get acquainted-I suggest you be your housekeeper.

a person standing on a sand dune in the desert
a person standing on a sand dune in the desert

Namo aplinkos rūpesčius palikite mums

Labai gali būti, kad mus jau pažįstate - esame Greta ir Benediktas, @naginamas blogo Instagrame autoriai. Pernai baigę savo namų statybas ėmėmės gerbūvio įrengimo - pirma sau, tada draugams... Ir taip netikėtai ši širdžiai miela veikla tapo šeimos verslu.
Daugiasia dirbame Vilniaus rytuose - Pavilnyje, Naujojoje Vilnioje, Dvarčionyse ir Saulėtekyje.
Jei esame tolimesni ar artimesni kaimynai - susipažinkime!

a person standing on a sand dune in the desert
a person standing on a sand dune in the desert

First, we are going to visit you – to get acquainted and look around. Perhaps there is unfinished work, perhaps you are considering and not deciding how to solve a particular problem or implement something new. Let's discuss. Often we will also suggest if we notice places that need to be fixed.

A list of jobs/projects will be born from this

Let's supplement it with planned work, an example from the farm itself is the lubrication of the facade and terrace, periodic wastewater removal, replacing the blower filter, sharpening the blades of the robot lawn mower, purging and turning off in winter, starting the irrigation system in spring, lawn renewal and so on.

During our work, we form long-term relationships

We will come back with offers, prices and deadlines – what, for how much and when we can do:

– we will do a lot of work ourselves

– what we do not do / do not have time (for example. We do not have a sewage tank and we do not plan to buy it), we will choose reliable craftsmen. In other words, we will take care of the rational price and quality.

It is worth emphasizing in this place-the plan and intensity of work will also depend on your finances and ambitions. The advantage of viewing the whole picture is that you can sketch and plan everything. He talks about a recent example when we had to move the nozzle of the irrigation system to our backyard, because it was in this place that we decided to build an elevated garden bed

By agreement, we will start working. We work in such a way that the customer is primarily satisfied with the quality. We balance this with the average price. In other words, we don't waste energy where it's not needed (on advertising, exhibitions, influencers). It's better for customers to tell their neighbors that "come on, the NAGI housekeepers is happy with this, we can safely recommend it" 🤜 🤛

After work, we wish you all the best for the rest of the season. And see you next time:

- when something breaks / falls / does not work

– when scheduled work comes (yes, we will have such a list–home care should be similar to car care or your own health; there are scheduled repairs ( you do not forget to change lubricants), scheduled farm rounds (you don't forget the technical shift)). Scheduled work needs to be done methodically, so we will have a calendar of such work

- when you are planning a new project or improving something / doing something.

The services we provide

Landscaping, installation and environmental maintenance services. In accordance with the agreed plan (the order is important in these works), the following works or part of them are performed sequentially:

- installation of paths, Parking

– installation of terraces

– installation of fences, gates

- installation of irrigation (lawn and flower beds)

– installation of lawn

– installation of flower beds, planting of trees or hedges

Exterior and interior work of the house – both planned and unplanned:

– periodic updating of wooden parts (terrace, wooden facade or fence)

– we help you choose engineering systems and maintain them (for example. water filters, sewer systems, and so on.)

- Other minor or major repairs, fixes, installations

We look creatively and broadly – we can help with your other ideas or problems. As we said at the beginning, we offer to be Your housekeeper.

We offer alternatives and solutions, plan and sub-budget. We do most of the work ourselves.

Popular services in spring

Spring lawn care is necessary in order for the lawn to recover faster, germinate and thrive after winter. We offer our clients lawn scarification, deep aeration, leveling and application of spring fertilizers.

Long-lived raised beds "before seedlings" (i.e. y. with installation) how the idea was born for the durable beds themselves, but metal did not enter the style. This is how we discovered the JAPANESE oji Sugi ban wood burning technology, which gives aesthetics and durability. Let the beds be beautiful.

Complete installation and maintenance of the environment is our favorite activity! Let's start with a detailed plan: the functions and aesthetics of the spaces, not forgetting that they are comfortable and serviced. We will continue with the consistent realization of the vision and end with a party in your backyard!

.. And we will be happy to help you implement your other ideas. We are constantly coming up with ways to decorate our house, improve the yard (now we have conceived fire pits be sure to contact us-we will discuss and help if possible.

We mostly work in the neighborhood.

We mainly work in the neighborhood-in the east of Vilnius-in Kalneniai, Pavilnius, Naujoji Vilnia, Dvarchenis and Sauletikis.

Although... if you are a little further from Vilnius, always contact us!

tree on body of water near mountains
tree on body of water near mountains

Nagi ūkvedys did an excellent job with my lawn. It looks absolutely stunning now!

Patenkinti Klientai

photo of green grass field at sunrise
photo of green grass field at sunrise

I highly recommend Nagi ūkvedys for all your landscaping needs. They are professional and reliable.

three brown wooden boat on blue lake water taken at daytime
three brown wooden boat on blue lake water taken at daytime

The team at Nagi ūkvedys transformed my backyard into a beautiful oasis. I couldn't be happier!

a person standing on a sand dune in the desert
a person standing on a sand dune in the desert

I'm impressed with the quality of work done by Nagi ūkvedys. They exceeded my expectations.

Nagi ūkvedys pasiryžęs teikti aukščiausios klasės apželdinimo paslaugas, kad sukurtume tobulą lauko erdvę jums ir jūsų šeimai. Panaudodami savo patirtį ir skirdami dėmesį detalėms, galime paversti jūsų viziją realybe.

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